How we created a political website in 3 days for the regional elections


How we created a political website in 3 days for the regional elections

July 2021
Construire Ensemble
Stanislas, Eugenie and David understood our urgency and our vision, and knew how to adapt all our ideas and content to better present our political vision. The project was managed with great professionalism in view of the very tight deadlines.
Christophe Pichet​
Head of Construire Ensemble

The Project

The Construire Ensemble (Build Together) list is a political list in the Southern Alps. Their stakes were to redo their program but also their events and surveys for the attention of the population of this region.

The list sought to create an entirely modern website, but in the image of their vision and with the features that allow them not only to be seen and heard but also to get feedback and interact with voters.

Thus, our support on this project was as much strategic (site architecture, construction of the pages, articulation of the content and highlighting of the key elements) as it was of creation since apart from developing the whole site, we created all digital content and adapted the texts while respecting the rules of political copywritting in order to adapt the contents to their audience.

If this wasn't challenging enough, there was the small detail that the website had to be built in less than two weeks as the list was a little behind their competition in terms of campaigning and needed to catch up strongly.

Well, instead of two weeks, we have developed the whole website in 3 days, with all the necessary functionalities and content, ready for them to start sharing it with their voters.

A succesful project and a first for us in the political realm, with the nice end to the story of seeing Construire Ensemble winning these elections.