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On vous en dit plus sur nous, notre agence, nos valeurs et notre vision !

Nous sommes dans le milieu du digital, mais pourtant nous sommes bien réels et il y a des personnes motivées, engagées, passionnées derrière les services et l'accompagnement que nous proposons. Découvrez ici nos profils et nos parcours. Notre force n'est pas juste un nom mais plutôt chaque détail qui compte.


The most widely sought for agency in branding nowadays

Creative Always

Stay creative with Billey and the huge collection of premade elements, layouts & effects.

Express Customization

Easy to install and configure the theme customization in a few clicks with Billey.

Premium Integrations

Integrated premium plugins in Billey is the secret weapon for your business to thrive.

Real-time Editing

Edit your work and preview the changes on the screen live with advanced page builder.
Présentation David Team DaveDave
Présentation David Team DaveDave
Présentation Stan Team DaveDave
Présentation Richard Team DaveDave

our Awards

Find out what we've achieved for our hard work


Css Design Awards

Our designers proudly have many nominated designs for creatives

The Communicator

We act as a communicator between customers and professionals in web design

CSS Light

Tested up to the latest version of CSS language with great improvements.

Real stories

“I just love their design for all stunning details. You must know what can you do for a project before taking it, but with Billey, the sky is the limit.”
Julia Roberts
Business Manager

Real stories

“My eyes always pick for details and give a very harsh assessment on each design as if it is a real work of arts. You never know what you miss.”
Tim Noblemen
Senior Designer

Real stories

“@Billey is my only recent assistant who's got everything into work in a few easy steps. Look further, you've already got what you need here in this one theme only. ”
Stephen Mearsley
Creative Agent